On October 13, at 2:00 pm, the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL) is hosting a webinar with Roger Schonfeld  and John Ulmschneider (Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries) to discuss, “Red Light, Green Light: Brainstorming how ASERL members can test a new licensing model.” The interactive webinar is open to ASERL members

In a recent issue brief, Roger Schonfeld proffered a draft model for ways research libraries could design and undertake new processes to better support their licensing activities, seeking support from others within the library, the faculty they serve, and other units within the institution. The basic tenet is for libraries to define criteria for assigning which content providers provide good value for the dollars they command in licensing fees, and a system of assigning a red-yellow-green moniker for those who provide poor-fair-good value or are otherwise problematic to the library and its users.

In this session, Roger will walk though his conceptual model, and ask for audience input to identify strengths and challenges. John Ulmschneider will contribute his perspective on how such a model can support the work of research libraries and invite participation from others within the university community. Ideally one or more ASERL libraries will be willing to serve as alpha testers for this model in the foreseeable future. We will conclude the discussion with identifying other challenges faced by libraries continuing to struggle with licensing issues, and opportunities that could mitigate some of those difficulties.

ASERL members interested in participating in the webinar will find more information on the ASERL website.