On Tuesday, April 24, Roger Schonfeld is participating in the STM Society Day Conference in Philadelphia. This year’s theme, “Breaking Down the Silos,” takes as its starting point Roger’s recent Scholarly Kitchen post, “Workflow Strategy for Those Left Behind: Strategic Context.” Roger will also speak during the 1:15 panel on “Coordinating all aspects of research.” He will be joined by Penelope Lewis, American Chemical Society, Erin Lavik, University of Maryland, and Karen McCord, Breezio. Phil Jones, Digital Science, will moderate the panel.

For more information and to register, please see the STM website.

About the conference

Support for an integrated and complete approach to the research project and article publication life-cycle, is something that our large, commercial competitors are rapidly implementing. Roger Schonfeld, in a December 18, 2017, Scholarly Kitchen post, Workflow Strategy for Those Left Behind: Strategic Context, described the market in which we must compete as one that is “shifting under your feet” and “qualitatively different.” Competition is no longer just a matter of scale but of having a complete set of research workflow offerings.

Societies of all sizes and disciplines must look both within and externally to compete and thrive in this new workflow-centric marketplace. Societies must ask themselves uncomfortable questions to stay relevant to the communities they serve. Attend this year’s STM Association Society Day Conference to help you determine if your organization has:

  • A strategy that is rooted in the past or looking to the future?
  • The right organizational structure and staff to execute on opportunities outside of traditional scholarly publishing?
  • The right culture to successfully bring to bear key internal assets and competencies to strengthen or transform its member value proposition?
  • Partnerships that enable the organization to meet the changing needs of your members?
  • How can you engage with constituents throughout the research life cycle?