Rebecca Griffiths is presenting on a multi-campus study with the University System of Maryland at the Eighth Annual Emerging Technologies for Online Learning Annual Symposium in Dallas, Texas.

“Can Faculty Members Blend Their Courses with Existing MOOCs?” describes a set of fourteen test cases using MOOCs in blended formats with the University System of Maryland.

As more and more faculty members experiment with blended and hybrid formats, they have tried a range of options for sourcing online course content to complement the in-class experience. Many have created their own materials from scratch, but not all instructors have the time and resources needed to do this. Through a partnership,Ithaka S+R and the University System of Maryland examined ways that faculty members could take advantage of readily available online resources in their courses—specifically MOOCs created by faculty at other institutions.

This presentation explores the study design, findings and implications of this ambitious effort, which encompassed fourteen courses on eight different campuses. How did faculty members incorporate the content into their courses? What implementation challenges did they encounter? What was the impact on student learning outcomes, and what benefits did instructors observe for their students? How did the instructors themselves feel about their experiences, and how much time did it take for them to redesign courses using existing online content? Finally, if these models showed promise, what would be needed for adoption to spread?

In addition, through a series of video clips, audience members will hear directly about the experiences of faculty and students using MOOCs in their courses and what they saw as the principal benefits and challenges.