On February 20, Christine Wolff-Eisenberg, along with Jean Amaral (Borough of Manhattan Community College), Dr. Braddlee (Northern Virginia Community College), and Christie Flynn (Pierce College) will lead a workshop at the 15th Annual Achieving the Dream Conference in Long Beach, California. For more information, and to register, please see the conference website.

Workshop description

Amplifying the Student Voice: Community College Libraries & Academic Support for Student Success

To continue evolving in support of their students, community colleges and their academic libraries need strategic intelligence about how to adapt their services. The vast majority of research on how to adapt library services to support new priorities has been conducted at four year colleges and universities, and definitions of student success used in these projects
have tended to be derived from higher education institutions, state boards of education, and the federal government, frequently omitting the important perspective of the student in what
defines success. Seven community colleges and one partnering research organization are taking an important step to strengthen the position of the community college library through
the Community College Libraries & Academic Support for Student Success (CCLASSS) project.

We will first speak about the aims of the project to explore (1) how student success can be defined in a way that is inclusive of both policy priorities and students’ own needs, and (2)
what services community colleges and their academic libraries can offer to most effectively help students attain success. We will share findings from interviews that were conducted
across the seven community colleges involved in this project on students’ general experiences, education goals, coursework and academics, and definitions of success. We will also share the library service offerings that the seven community colleges have generated, based on the interview findings, and tested via survey. In addition to publishing reports of findings, the research dataset and survey instrument resulting from this project will be released under open licences in mid-2019 with the intention that other institutions may both benefit from and contribute to the initiative. College leads from several of the participating institutions will share findings specific to their institutions’ local versions of the surveys as well as the action plans that they will be enacting based on the results. The diversity among the size, demographics, and the communities served at these colleges will ensure results and findings can be scaled to national audiences and to an array of community colleges across the United States.

This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, grant RE-96-17-0113-17.