Nancy Maron, Program Manager, will present updates to the Ithaka S+R Case Studies in Sustainability.

Session Description: It has been two years since Ithaka S+R’s Case Studies in Sustainability offered a candid view of just how developers of new and innovative digital content resources devise and modify their plans to contain costs and generate sustaining revenue streams for the long term.  With data on actual costs and revenues, the case studies offered a rare glimpse of the array of strategies that leaders put in place to support their projects. Today, the questions are starker than ever: In a time of drastic budget cuts, what new and innovative thinking will permit us to sustain the value of the digital content created? What new strategies are they trying? Which strategies have held up well – and less well – under the strain of a tight economy? Join us to learn how all twelve projects have fared.

Roger C. Schonfeld, Director of Research, will present on “Unlocking the Gates” and Ithaka S+R’s Teaching & Learning with Technology program

Session Description: Over the past decade, a small revolution has taken place at some of the world’s leading universities, as they have started to provide free access to undergraduate course materials to anyone with an Internet connection. Even without offering credits or degrees, initiatives like Yale’s high-quality recordings of popular lectures, MIT’s comprehensive OpenCourseWare, and Carnegie Mellon’s interactive learning environment, are beginning to open up elite institutions–and may foreshadow significant changes in such universities’ approach to teaching and learning.