On Monday, March 11, Cappy Hill will present on “Connecting Veterans with Quality Higher Education Institutions” as part of a panel discussion at ACE’s Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. The panel will run from 2:30 – 3:45 pm, and more information is available on ACE’s website.

Session Description:

Veterans that choose to pursue higher education are highly trained and motivated individuals with years of service to their credit and a desire to continue to enhance their work and personal lives through learning.  Helping these talented and committed individuals make the optimal college and university choices and get the most from their education experience requires a deep understanding of their needs that informs college and university systems change.  With a growing number of veterans taking advantage of the GI Bill, it is critical for senior leaders on college and university campuses to continually stay abreast of the emerging opportunities and challenges of serving veterans in their successful higher education journey.

In this session, we will explore emergent opportunities and challenges, discuss strategies for success and partnerships that are delivering value.