Join us at ALA for our workshop, “Designing User-Centered Survey Questions for Strategic Assessment.”

This workshop is designed to help librarians in assessment roles, or those interested in assessment, make evidence-based decisions about designing survey questions or selecting survey instruments to understand user’s research practices, needs, and library-related attitudes. Designing survey questions according to “best practices” in survey research methodology is a time-consuming, but necessary, process requiring expertise and specific skills. This workshop will provide an overview of the qualitative and quantitative stages of survey questionnaire development, followed by a group discussion of how well-designed survey questions function as evidence to drive strategic initiatives and assessment. In the second part of the workshop, participants will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of developing a homegrown survey vs. implementing an existing shared community survey option to survey students and faculty members in ways that may help participants address their core institutional priorities and concerns.

The workshop format will include an overview of questionnaire design dos and don’ts with a focus on methodologically rigorous standards for constructing, testing, and evaluating survey questions and instruments (covering issues including validity and measurement error);

    • Break-out activity: work in small groups or teams to complete an exercise on evaluating and critiquing survey questions
    • Group discussion of homegrown vs. community survey options
    • Facilitated planning activity to identify practical steps for acting on methods and topics covered in the workshop.

As a result of this workshop, participants will be able to understand the process of designing survey questions to get quality answers and how to evaluate survey instruments designed to measure users’ library-related attitudes, behaviors, and needs.

Registration is capped at 25 participants.


When: Monday, June 29, 9:00am – noon.

Where: Pacific Suite J, San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel (near Moscone Center)

Registration Fees:

Standard rate: $250

Discounted rate*: $125

Register at

 *the discounted rate is available to librarians at institutions that have either run the Ithaka S+R local surveys or have used our consulting services.