The sale of web-scale discovery services has taken the library market place by storm. Every library is trying to recapture theirs users by offering a Google like interface with a simple search of the institutions collection. Several vendors offer Web-scale discovery services but none of the systems work well with each other. The goal of this session is to look at a number of the current issues and get a first-hand response to transparency, indexing, usage reporting, and playing better competitors. How much system turning is available? What is the content coverage? How owns the usage data? What is the future with NISO ODI initiative?


  • Dan Tonkery, Content Strategies
  • Roger C. Schonfeld, ITHAKA S + R
  • Jon Law, Proquest
  • Amira Aaron, Northeastern University
  • Brian Duncan, EBSCO Information Services
  • Susan Stearns, Ex Libris Group

Twitter #: #erl13