12th Annual Charleston Vendor Showcase

Speakers: Roger Schonfeld, Director of Research, Ithaka S+R; Ross Housewright, Senior Analyst, Ithaka S+R; Cody Hanson, University of Minnesota; Sebastian Hammer, Index Data; David Walker, Library Web Services Manager, California State University

Cost: $100—Registration required

Libraries are increasingly faced with the challenge of developing an appropriate strategy for supporting their users’ information discovery needs. This preconference, facilitated by Ithaka S+R, will explore the growing range of approaches users may take to information discovery in a digital environment, and help attendees consider the strategic implications of potential roles that their library could play in supporting their users’ discovery needs.

Through a series of panels with library and industry thought leaders, this preconference will explore the following questions:

  • How do different approaches to discovery fit into the changing workflows of diverse communities of scholars and students? Are users using the methods that best fit with their workflows and needs, or are they being encouraged to use discovery approaches that don’t match their objectives?
  • How do different approaches to discovery prioritize or hide diverse types of materials, either as a deliberate strategy to lead users to an appropriate set of content or as an unintended side effect of design decisions?
  • How do different approaches to discovery reflect different library values and strategies? Are libraries investing in discovery strategies that match well with their broader strategic priorities for supporting their users?

Attendees will develop a deeper understanding of the portfolio of discovery solutions available to their constituents and the implications of different choices that their library might make on their users’ ability to effectively find needed materials and on their institution’s broad strategic position.

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