Roger C. Schonfeld, Director of Research, Ithaka S+R, will present the Johannah Sherrer Memorial Lecture on Friday, September 23, 2011.

Over the past decade, many groups of faculty members have seen their demands for and use of academic library services change significantly. The availability of digital collections has had a transformative effect on use, while evolving faculty research methods and pedagogies are introducing new demands. But is there a clear vision for the future needs of faculty members or future services of the campus library? And to what extent are library leaders and faculty members aligned in their understanding of these visions? This talk will incorporate research findings on changing attitudes and usage patterns of faculty members broadly, in comparison with the attitudes and practices of librarians, bolstered by a more detailed focus on practices in the field of history. These data will serve as the basis for an examination of faculty needs, including in library collections, uses for library spaces, and the provision of new library services. Ultimately, this talk will consider whether libraries can develop long-term strategies for changing their offerings to meet the future needs of faculty members, or whether they must focus on the here and now to manage change much more responsively.