Ithaka S+R and Stanford University are co-hosting “Asilomar II: Student Data and Records in the Digital Era.” This convening assembles a small group of academic leaders to consider how data describing adult students might be managed in ways that enable the improvement of educational experiences, the progress of science, and the integrity of information describing human beings. This event builds on the 2014 assembly that produced the Asilomar Convention for Learning Research in Higher Education of 2014.

The Asilomar II participants will work towards three main objectives:

  • Enabling a national peer review of how data describing adult students are produced and deployed at a wide range of academic institutions.
  • Synthesizing current best practices to specify norms for the ethical use of student data.
  • Drafting succinct statements to inform institutional, national and global policies regarding the research, application, and representation of adult student data.

On Thursday, June 16, Rayane Alamuddin, Jessie Brown, and Martin Kurzweil will present on the current landscape of student data infrastructure and research. A version of this paper will be published on the Ithaka S+R website following the event.

Much more information about the purpose of the convening and attendees is available on the Asilomar II website.