At the Library Assessment Conference, Christine Wolff and Danielle Cooper will be joined by several library partners to discuss the impact of two Ithaka S+R initiatives: Research Support Services and Local Surveys. These presentations will take place at the “Ithaka” concurrent session from 11 am – 12:30 pm on Monday, October 31. For more information about the conference, please see

Ithaka S+R Surveys of Students and Faculty

“Lessons from the 2015 UCSC Instance of the Ithaka S+R Student Survey,” Greg Careaga, University of California, Santa Cruz

“Implementing the Ithaka Faculty Survey: Engaging Staff and Visualizing Findings,” Joyce Chapman and Emily Daly, Duke University

“Visualizing Local Data: The Ithaka S+R Survey at UNLV,” Starr Hoffman and Ashley Hernandez-Hall, University of Nevada-Las Vegas

“What Do Faculty Think? National & Local Perspectives from the Ithaka S+R Survey,” Christine Wolff, Ithaka S+R. Christine will also cover survey administration best practices.

Research Support Services

“Investigating the Needs of Religious Studies Scholars: A Multi-Institutional Collaborative Approach,” Danielle Cooper, Ithaka S+R

“Library as Research Site: The Local Value of Participating in a National Research Project,” Jenifer Gundry and Virginia Dearborn, Princeton Theological Seminary