Nancy Fried Foster will discuss “Learning How to Do Research in a Community of Scholarship” in her keynote address to the American International Consortium of Academic Libraries (AMICAL) in Bulgaria.

The new Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education recently adopted by the American Library Association provides a multidimensional understanding of what it means to find, use and disseminate information in colleges and universities. While experienced scholars are adept at information practices, students are not necessarily very proficient, especially when they begin their college careers. Helping them improve their skills is a challenge to librarians and teaching faculty. In this talk, Foster will describe the work practices of faculty members and propose a framework for understanding how students learn these practices. Examples from recent studies at the University of Pittsburgh and Cornell University will illustrate tenure- and non-tenure-stream work practices as well as expectations of how students learn to do library-based research and how they complete research papers.

When: Saturday, May 30 at 9:00 am

Where: American University in Bulgaria