Nancy Fried Foster is delivering the keynote address at the Connecticut College, Trinity College and Wesleyan University (CTW) Consortium Meeting on “Participatory Design and Informed Planning in Higher Education.”

For the past decade, academic librarians have been using ethnographic methods to learn more about the people who use library resources, technologies, spaces and services. Nancy Fried Foster, senior anthropologist at Ithaka S+R and former director of anthropological research for the University of Rochester libraries, will discuss concepts and methods of participatory design, a process through which plans and decisions can be based on information elicited from the academic community. She will argue for the value of this approach in identifying and meeting current needs and in recognizing and addressing emerging needs. Foster will refer to trends cited in the Horizons Report and illustrate her talk with examples from technology and space renovation projects.

More information about the CTW Consortium is available on their website.