On April 19, Nancy Fried Foster, along with DeRionne Pollard, Tanner Wray, and Cynthia Pfanstiehl, will discuss “New Approaches to Designing Student-Centered Spaces with Participatory Assessment” during a forum session at the Annual Convention of American Association of Community Colleges in San Antonio, Texas.

Montgomery College conducted ethnographic studies that assessed what students need in terms of library spaces and services to help them succeed academically. In this interactive session, a college president, library director, and two anthropologists will describe the first in-depth ethnographic project on community college library use. They will review the training of student and staff researchers, describe methods, and show how findings inform library planning in a rapidly changing environment. The project offers a replicable model for college-wide collaborations among administration, libraries, campus planning, and academic departments leading to customized breakthrough strategies for student-centered learning.

Registration is open on the AACC website.