Online learning has been part of the higher education landscape for more than a decade. But today, the combined forces of technology, rising tuition, steep student loans, and the unprecedented number of potential students who will be seeking college/advanced degrees or who will need further professional and career development are taking distance learning to a whole new level. Massive open online courses (MOOCS) are transforming education. E-textbooks and new forms of courseware are replacing traditional teaching resources and are now shaping how content will be packaged and distributed to colleges and universities in the not-too-distant future. Indeed, at the 2013 NFAIS Annual Conference, 93% of the attendees of a session on these trends agreed that their organization’s current practices for content packaging and delivery to academia will be impacted!

This workshop will provide an overview of the current educational trends sweeping college and university campuses. It will take a look at a case study on the adoption of MOOCs at a major university, new forms of content such as open textbooks and e-textbook adoption, and how traditional publishers are packaging their content for today’s new “classrooms.” In addition, the workshop will take a look at the results of a recent study on the return on library investment in content. The meeting will close with a look at the future of higher education and how that future is driving the acquisition and divestiture of content across the publishing community.