Ithaka S+R’s Faculty Survey has tracked attitudes and behaviors of faculty members in US higher education institutions in response to technological and environmental change on a triennial basis since 2000. The Faculty Survey has helped the community understand changing faculty member attitudes, practices, and needs on key issues related to research, teaching, information usage, and the changing role of the library.

In this session, Ithaka S+R’s Roger Schonfeld and Christine Wolff will unveil key findings and important trends from the Faculty Survey 2015 which we plan to publish in conjunction with the CNI meeting. Having fielded nearly 100 localized versions of the survey since 2012, Ithaka S+R ran this cycle of the national survey in parallel with nine localized versions, allowing for a hybrid model that was not possible with previous iterations. This cycle of the Faculty Survey covers topics of discovery and access to research literature, research practices including data management, scholarly communications, perceptions of student research skills, and the role of the library.

When: Monday, April 4 at 2:30

Where: CNI Spring Meeting, San Antonio, TX

For more information, please see the full meeting program.