On Tuesday, November 28, Rayane Alamuddin and  Robert Kelchen, professor of higher education at Seton Hall University and expert in higher education finance, will join Bryan Alexander for a Future Trends Forum on the recent Higher Ed Insights report. The online forum will run from 2:00 pm -3:00 pm. To receive a link to this free event, please register on the Future Trends Forum site.

From Future Trends Forum:

In May and June of 2017, the Ithaka S+R Higher Ed Insights panel—164 senior leaders and experts at colleges and universities, associations, research groups, and philanthropies—about the state of higher education and the likely impact of recent events and trends were surveyed.

While respondents were generally positive about the state of undergraduate education in the United States, they expressed urgency about the need to improve degree completion rates, the quality of student learning, and affordability for students. And many of the respondents believe that recent changes to federal policy will impede their efforts to meet those needs. Panelists consistently rated the Obama administration’s higher education policies streamlining financial aid and enforcing standards on for-profit colleges as having a high and positive impact, and rated the Trump administration’s reversal or reconsideration of those policies as having a high but negative impact.

Respondents also focused on the importance of state funding for public institutions. Despite the slight upward trajectory of most states’ appropriations for public colleges and universities over the past two years, most respondents agree that more funding is still needed.

On Tuesday Bryan, Rayane and Robert will review the findings of report.