Danielle Cooper and Roger Schonfeld will be at the American Theological Library Association’s Annual Conference on Friday, June 16, to discuss “Supporting the Changing Research Practices of Religious Studies Scholars.” They will be joined by ATLA executive director Brenda Bailey-Hainer, the American Academy of Religion executive director Jack Fitzmier, and John Kutsko, the executive director of the Society of Biblical Literature. This lunchtime event is open to registrants of ATLA’s annual conference.

From the conference website:

In early February 2017, Ithaka S+R published Supporting the Changing Research Practices of Religious Studies Scholars, the latest in a series of projects that investigate the research support needs of scholar by their discipline. During this special luncheon event, Brenda Bailey-Hainer (Executive Director, ATLA) will discuss ATLA’s role in sponsoring the report and the importance of the project to ATLA and its members. In addition to context setting remarks placing religious studies scholarship within the humanities realm, Roger Schonfeld (Director, Libraries and Scholarly Communication Program, Ithaka S+R) will discuss the unique funding model and structure of this collaborative project. Danielle Cooper (Senior Researcher, Library and Scholarly Communication, Ithaka S+R) will share high level results of the research and John F. Kutsko (Executive Director, Society for Biblical Literature (SBL)) and others will discuss the results from the unique points of view of their organizations and communities. While the luncheon will not include time for Q&A, attendees interested further discussing the results with the researchers are invited to the session “Continuing the Discussion: The ITHAKA S+R Report Supporting the Changing Research Practices of Religious Studies Scholars” immediately following the luncheon.

There is no charge to attend this luncheon if you are registered for the full conference.