Roger Schonfeld is moderating a plenary panel at the 2018 STM Week in London on Wednesday, December 5. The plenary on “The Future of Access 1: a Supercontinent for Content ?” will include talks by  Gaby Appleton (Mendeley/ Elsevier), Rob McGrath (ReadCube/ Access Anywhere), and Jan Reichelt (Kopernio/ Clarivate).

For more information and to register, please see the STM website.

About the panel:

The process for discovering and accessing scholarly content has broken. Today, there are fundamentally two different approaches being taken to address this issue legally. The first is RA21, which seeks to make the processes easier for authenticating to content on publisher sites, which is being sponsored by STM and covered in another session today. The second is to leapfrog past a model containing sites for individual publishers and creating instead one or several “supercontinents” that have all scientific content discoverable and accessible from a single site.

These “supercontinent” services that are beginning to develop look very much like Spotify for the music business. The three major workflow providers are all looking at how to serve this model. Digital Science’s Dimensions is probably furthest along in offering a full offering. Clarivate’s acquisition of Kopernio suggests it is moving in this direction as well. And, through Scopus and Mendeley, Elsevier may be looking to offer a somewhat similar service, although with a different model for its development. How will these services develop? And how will they be monetized?