Roger Schonfeld will speak on the “What Role(s) Should the Library Play in Support of Discovery?” at CNI’s Fall Meeting in Washington, DC.

Discovery is an example of the challenges that libraries face both strategically and managerially as they navigate through large-scale change. It is equally an example of the opportunities they can find by explicitly addressing their changing roles in a well-designed decision-making process that incorporates evidence and judgment. While investing in recent years in a new generation of discovery services, many academic libraries have nevertheless had a long-standing vision for their fundamental role in discovery, serving as a starting point for research. It is a good moment to take stock of accomplishments and to ensure that wise investments are being made in support of a realistic vision for the library’s role. For example, while libraries have served as the starting point for anonymous research inquiries, they might be able to support personalization, current awareness, and more. The purpose of this session, following up on Ithaka S+R’s recent issue brief on discovery, is to discuss complementary and alternative roles that academic libraries might pursue in support of discovery.

For more information, please see CNI’s meeting agenda. The meeting runs from December 8-9, and the exact time of the presentation has not yet been set.