Kate Wittenberg, Ithaka S+R, to present at “The Future of the Academic Library: A Symposium,” co-hosted by McMaster University and Library Journal

Universities today are facing unprecedented pressures fueled in part by technological advances, transformations in scholarly communications, evolving student expectations, increased calls for accountability, and greater competition. Simultaneously, we are experiencing uncertainty in financial support owing to declines in public and private funding partnered with ever-increasing costs. The global financial crisis of 2008 has further compounded our challenges and has added a sense of urgency to the calls for transformation of our institutions. Never before have the challenges we face been as great or the opportunities as exciting. As E. Gordon Gee, president of Ohio State University, has stated, our choice is simple: “it’s reinvention or extinction.”

This symposium at McMaster will bring together some of the leading thinkers in our profession—speakers, panelists, and participants—to generate solutions to the key challenges we face.

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