Roger Schonfeld is speaking at an NFAIS virtual half-day workshop, Unlocking Scholarly Research: Thinking Anew about the Concept of “Open” on Wednesday, September 27 from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm. Registration for this event is open on the NFAIS website.

Workshop description:

Access to research is evolving toward an even more open and collaborative experience. As they sit today, platforms are more responsive, a bit more agile, and allow for more personalized experiences within their own framework. By their behaviors, researchers are demanding improved access through the development of faster, more efficient, and increasingly more responsive platforms that provide enhanced functionality and tools. Both content providers and innovative solution developers are responding to this call from researchers who are driving this shift. This workshop focuses on how exploiting the idea that an enhanced search experience might serve the researcher, publisher, or other players better if they work in a more connected environment.

The various players within this landscape are creating real value in new ways. These are individuals within a networked community working together to provide unfettered access to all content types from any starting point. Presenters will share their visions for what the access experience should look like, what potential challenges will be faced, what barriers need to be broken down, and what opportunities are open among and within the scholarly publishing industry and the researcher communities it serves.

In this NFAIS Half-Day Virtual Workshop, our expert panel examines:

  • The ways in which platforms are evolving, bringing more personalization and functionality to the user.
  • Whether this is an opportunity for new multi-source revenue streams for content providers.
  • Benefits, barriers, and opportunities offered through this new discovery model versus traditional models.
  • How the initiatives supporting interactive platforms will ensure dissemination, discovery, and accessibility.