Roger Schonfeld is offering the workshop “Defining a Discovery Role for Your Library” at the Charleston Conference on November 4, from 9:00 am – noon. Registration is now open through the Charleston Conference. Please note that participants in the local surveys program and Ithaka S+R’s consulting clients receive a discounted rate to attend. Please email Kimberly Lutz at to receive the code.

Discovery is a core library activity that has changed dramatically in recent years. Search has moved well beyond the library catalog and A&I services to include not only consumer offerings and index-based discovery services. And traditional techniques for maintaining current awareness of the research literature are giving way to a variety of personalized anticipatory services.  It is a good moment for libraries to take stock of accomplishments and to ensure that wise investments are being made in support of a realistic vision for the library’s changing role, as Roger argued in a recent issue brief.

In this workshop, Roger will help academic and research librarians grapple with how to make strong decisions about the library’s role in support of discovery at their institutions.

Topics will include:

  • Using evidence to grapple with how the library’s discovery role is changing
  • Developing organizational structures and decision-making frameworks for making effective decisions about the library’s vision for its discovery role
  • How to balance collaborations and vendor contributions against the need to have a solution that works best for your institution

Participants will benefit from this workshop by improving their ability to incorporate evidence into decision-making processes about the library’s role in discovery.

Prior to the event, we will ask all registrants to complete a worksheet enabling us to maximize the value of our time working together in person.