On February 11-12, Ithaka S+R will hold a workshop at Columbia University in New York City for the participants in our Research Support Services project on Religious Studies.

Through the Research Support Service series, Ithaka S+R collaborates with libraries and scholarly societies to take a deep dive into a particular discipline to uncover the unique needs of scholars in that field.

At the beginning of each project, we hold workshops for the research teams from each participating institution. These teams include subject specialist librarians, assessment and outreach librarians, as well as graduate students with expertise in anthropological research.

The workshops provide in-depth training in the methods that will be utilized in the project including: semi-structured interviewing, photographic inventorying, coding and analyzing the resulting qualitative data, and, report writing. The workshops also provide an opportunity to develop connections between the research teams at the participating institutions.

For more information on the Research Support Services series and our upcoming projects, please email us at info@sr.ithaka.org.