Library Acquisition Patterns: Preliminary Findings

Several years ago, we set out to better understand how both library acquisition practices and the distribution patterns of publishers and vendors were evolving over time.[1] Within the academic publishing community, there is a sense that academic libraries are acquiring fewer and fewer books and that university presses are struggling amid declining sales. The latter may certainly be …


Small but Mighty: Spelman College Museum

Spelman College Museum of Fine Art is located on the serene campus of a prominent Historically Black College and University (HBCU) in Atlanta, Georgia. A women’s institution located in the Atlanta University Center, which also includes Clark Atlanta University, Morehouse College, and the Morehouse School of Medicine, Spelman College is ranked as the top HBCU in the nation by U.S.


At Fifty, Remodeling for Equity
MCA Chicago

The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (MCA Chicago) occupies a premier location in Chicago’s downtown. Situated in the city’s historic Gold Coast, one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the country, the museum is buffered by two public parks, which grant it a view of Lake Michigan.[1] It is the largest contemporary arts museum in the country, with …


First Listen: Advocating for Equity and Inclusion
Liam Sweeney at the Association of Academic Museums and Galleries Annual Conference

On Saturday, June 23, Liam Sweeney will take part in a panel discussion, "First Listen: Advocating for Equity and Inclusion," at the Association of Academic Museums and Galleries Annual Conference in Miami. He will be drawing on lessons learned from the museum case studies in diversity. For more information about the conference, see the AAMG website. From the conference website: The panel will discuss strategies, techniques, and resources used by their…


Museum Inclusion: Roger Schonfeld and Liam Sweeney at AAM
American Alliance of Museums Annual Conference

On Tuesday, May 8, Roger Schonfeld and Liam Sweeney are presenting on the case studies in museum diversity at the American Alliance of Museums Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. They will be joined by Nicole Ivy, the director of inclusion at the American Alliance of Museums. For more information and to register, please see the AAM website. About the program: Several case studies were conducted as a follow-up to the groundbreaking 2015…


Making Strides towards Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Examples from Four Art Museums

Over the past three years, Ithaka S+R has conducted three wide-scale analyses of employee diversity in cultural organizations. These have included academic research libraries, the cultural sector in New York City, and American art museums. In all three studies, a common picture has emerged: staff in professional–and especially leadership–roles are more predominately white than is the population more broadly. But, as we found in the analysis of American art museums,…

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An Engine for Diversity
Studio Museum in Harlem

The Studio Museum in Harlem is a contemporary, culturally specific, artist-centric museum located in New York City that has played a singular role in defining and promoting the art of African Americans and the African diaspora. The museum has contributed substantially in bringing this art into the canon and equally in providing opportunities for African Americans to gain access to …


"I Recommend Dancing"
Brooklyn Museum’s History of Inclusion and Moment of Transition

Brooklyn Museum Façade Photo by Brittney Najar The Brooklyn Museum has pursued a number of unconventional directions to address its community’s current and emerging needs. It practices a contemporary approach to its encyclopedic collection, allowing intersectional feminist theory and critical race theory, for instance, to inform and problematize ancient works. It has opted for accessibility rather than grandeur in its …


Pipelines and Inroads
The Andy Warhol Museum

Front façade of The Andy Warhol Museum. Photo by Abby Warhola. The Andy Warhol Museum fits within a simple narrative at first glance—the largest single-artist museum in North America devoted to presenting and circulating globally the most complete collection of Warhol’s work. In fact, Andy Warhol’s legacy lends itself to the plurality of narratives and identities embodied in the museum.


Reflecting Los Angeles, Decentralized and Global
Los Angeles County Museum of Art

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is distinguishable from other US encyclopedic museums in three aspects: it is the largest North American art museum west of the Mississippi; it is the youngest encyclopedic museum in the United States; and it is situated in one of the most ethnically diverse metropolises in the world. These characteristics interact in a number …