We help academic and cultural communities know what is coming next, learn from rigorous and well-designed research studies, and adapt to new realities and opportunities.

Ithaka S+R’s strategic advice and support services help institutions improve their performance and further their missions. We generate action-oriented research for institutional decision-making and act as a hub to promote and guide collaboration across the communities we serve. With our partners, we design and evaluate projects that make higher education, scholarly communication, and cultural collections more accessible to diverse populations.

Our work focuses on four strategic areas:

Access and success

Expanding educational opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds, and improving student learning outcomes, graduation rates, and time to degree

Organizational leadership

Providing guidance on strategic collaborations, organizational structure, and measures of equity, diversity, and inclusion

Collections and preservation

Securing access to and preservation of scholarship

Research and teaching practices

Developing strategies, services, and products to meet the evolving needs of faculty and students