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Catharine Bond Hill,  John B. King, Jr.  and David Brooks at the ATI Presidential Summit

Catharine Bond Hill, John B. King, Jr. and David Brooks at the ATI Presidential Summit

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June 24, 2024

Benefits of Summer Engagement and Transition Support for Incoming First-Year Students

Insights From the Kessler Scholars Program

First-generation students often enter college with limited knowledge of that environment. Targeted summer programs that introduce campus resources, build community, and prepare these students for college can foster belonging and ease the college transition. In this session at NASPA’s 2024 First-Generation Student Success Conference, staff at Bates College and the University of Dayton will share their experiences of implementing summer programs for Kessler Scholars, and leaders from Ithaka S+R and the Kessler Scholars Collaborative will share the benefits of…
Upcoming Event
June 25, 2024

Library Technologies

Join Roger Schonfeld, Ithaka S+R Vice President, Organizational Strategy and Libraries, Scholarly Communication, and Museums, and members of the SCONUL Horizons Strategy Group to explore the evolving landscape on library technologies on June 25 from 1:30 – 3:00pm. The webinar marks the launch of a new project considering the community’s relationship with its suppliers in the context of the increasing vertical and horizontal integration of the provider markets, and growing pressure on library budgets in the UK. The project will be…
Upcoming Event
July 16, 2024

The Library and Institutional Success

The Chronicle of Higher Education and Ithaka S+R are partnering to provide library leaders a professional development program tailored to their unique challenges and goals. This two-week virtual program is designed to empower participants to develop their leadership skills and drive institutional success. The first week of this program will offer librarians a chance to dive into three core seminars. These high-level, large-format seminars will include insights on national trends, the higher ed business model, and the library’s role in institutional initiatives.
Upcoming Event
July 9, 2024

Transfer Data Transparency as a Catalyst for Change

AACRAO Technology & Transfer Virtual Summit

Transfer process information is often inaccessible. What happens when details like transcript evaluation time, transfer credit applicability rate, and time to degree for transfer students are made visible to all? Institutions improve those outcomes. In a session at the 2024 AACRAO Technology & Transfer Summit, Ithaka S+R’s Martin Kurzweil and Queens College of CUNY’s Christopher Vickery will show how CUNY’s transfer information was brought into the light of day with positive effects. The presentation will include a demonstration of…
Upcoming Event
July 20, 2024

The Role of Trustees in Risk Oversight: What Leaders Need to Know


Today’s higher education issues highlighted throughout media sources range from enrollment declines, to diminished trust, business model challenges, and questions about the value of a college education. When a serious risk event occurs, key stakeholders, including students, parents, alumni, the community, and regulators, inevitably ask: Where were the trustees? Were they aware of these risks? Did they exercise proper oversight? In a session at NACUBO 2024 Annual Meeting in Chicago, trustee and administrator panelists will discuss their views on communicating…
Upcoming Event
August 6, 2024

Universal Credit Transfer Explorer

States Collaborating to Open the Black Box of Credit Mobility

Losing credits when transferring to a new institution prevents many college students–especially Black and Hispanic students, older students, and lower-income students–from earning a degree. To support these students and the institutions that serve them, Ithaka S+R and three SHEEO agencies are launching a non-profit, national, credit mobility website in mid-2024. Unique among similar services, the “universal credit transfer explorer” will show how credits earned elsewhere transfer and apply toward degree programs at the multiple destination colleges and universities featured on…
Upcoming Event
August 6, 2024

Aligning Policy and Practice to Address the Barriers Students Encounter from Institutional Debt

At the 2024 SHEEO Higher Education Policy Conference, Ithaka S+R’s Brittany Pearce, Maggie McGrath (Higher Education Compact of Greater Cleveland), Drew Felberg (Stark State College), and Mike Duffey (Chancellor, ODHE) will discuss two innovative projects aimed at addressing institutional debt in Ohio that impacts student enrollment, persistence, and completion rates, particularly for students from low-income backgrounds and students of color. View the full schedule and join the session on August 6 at 2:00-2:45 pm ET.
Upcoming Event
August 7, 2024

Engagement to Enrollment

State Approaches to Support Returning Adult Learners

Adult learners with Some College, No Credential (SCNC) frequently experience barriers to enrollment when they return to college, including administrative and financial challenges such as student account holds and past due balances. While many states have passed laws that prohibit or limit the use of transcript holds in recent years, new regulations from the Department of Education limit transcript withholding nationally as of July 2024. With this policy change as a foundation to the session, leaders from three states that…
Upcoming Event
September 8, 2024

Why Is College So Expensive and What Can We Do About It?

It’s no secret that higher education costs have skyrocketed in recent years presenting serious challenges for students, families, and policymakers alike. This presentation at the Council for Opportunity in Education’s TRIO Turns 60 Annual Conference will delve into the intricate factors propelling the high cost of higher education, offering insights into the underlying dynamics shaping the landscape. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of key drivers such as administrative bloat, declining state funding, and the proliferation of non-academic services.