Thank you for your interest in the Ithaka S+R COVID-19 Student Survey. Below you will find more information on the survey instrument, implementation steps, and process for signing up to participate.

What topics are included in the Ithaka S+R COVID-19 Student Survey?

The survey consists of questions on the following topics: course formats, resources utilized, institutional communications, general wellness, and retention. There is also a set of demographic questions. It can be downloaded here.

When can my institution field the survey?

We are currently signing up institutions to implement fieldwork in the month of April.

How can my institution sign up to field the survey?

While this may vary from institution to institution, the individual who most likely will be appropriate for signing up on behalf of the institution will be a provost, dean, or chief officer of student affairs, enrollment management, and institutional research. An individual who is authorized to accept the terms on behalf of the institution can proceed with the agreement. You may want to confer with your institution’s legal counsel to determine if you have the authority to accept terms on behalf of the institution.

If you have the authority to agree to participation terms on behalf of your institution, please click here to review and agree to the terms for this initiative. A member of the Ithaka S+R project team will be in touch within 1-2 business days of when this form is submitted to move forward on next steps.

Can my college or university system or consortium participate? 

Yes. We have developed a model to scale up to an entire system or multiple institutions in a consortium at a low cost. Please contact us directly for information and to participate. 

What is the cost of implementing the survey?

We are covering the full cost of the survey for the first 20 eligible institutions that sign up (as of April 15, these slots have been filled). For institutions beyond this initial group, we will need to charge a nominal fee to cover a portion of our costs. For two-year institutions, the cost will be $2,000. For four-year institutions, the cost will be $4,000.

What information does my institution need to provide in order to implement the survey?

There are a few key pieces of information that we will need from the implementation contact at your institution in order to implement the survey, including:

  • An approximate timeline for fielding the survey
  • The participation incentives, if any, you will choose to offer
  • Names of individuals who will sign the invitation/reminder emails 
  • List of student contact information
  • Confirmation that your IT department will be able to whitelist our IP addresses (to ensure that invitation messages are not sent to a spam folder)
  • Sub-groups you wish to analyze separately in stratified dashboards (for example, by student demographics, course formats, or course types)

How will I receive results from the survey?

We will provide in-real-time results as they are submitted in both aggregate and stratified format. Each institution that participates will receive three live dashboards of results: one of aggregate findings and two of stratified findings based on selected demographic groups. Once the survey closes, we will provide the final reports as well as the underlying dataset.

Are you also offering a faculty survey?

Yes. For more information, please see our COVID-19 Faculty Survey FAQs.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

If you have any questions, please be in touch with Christine Wolff-Eisenberg, manager of surveys and research at Ithaka S+R, via email ( or phone (212-500-2369).