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Blog Post
April 26, 2016

Notes from the CRL Collections Forum

@Risk: Stewardship, Due Diligence, and the Future of Print

The Center for Research Libraries’ spring forum, @Risk: Stewardship, Due Diligence, and the Future of Print, sought to remind librarians of the stewardship responsibilities we bear for preserving library collections and transferring them safely to the next generation. Bernie Reilly, CRL’s executive director, assembled a group of speakers on the first day to offer perspectives on a range of preservation-related topics, and the second day was devoted to panel discussions on trusted repositories, vendors’ roles and responsibilities, academic and independent…
Issue Brief
April 26, 2016

Due Diligence and Stewardship in a Time of Change and Uncertainty

This Issue Brief has been adapted from Deanna Marcum’s keynote address at the CRL Collections Forum held in Chicago on April 14, 2016.[1] For as long as humankind has been recording thoughts and ideas, we have been concerned about the technologies and processes that will ensure preservation of those records. Consider Cassiodorus, a high official in the Ostrogothic Kingdom in Italy in the Sixth Century, AD, who wrote about the invention of papyrus with all of the enthusiasm…
Blog Post
July 8, 2015

Taking Stock: Sharing Responsibility for Print Preservation

How do we ensure the long-term preservation of our print heritage even as our collections move more fully online? In “Taking Stock: Sharing Responsibility for Print Preservation,” Roger Schonfeld surveys the progress our community has made in the past decade, but warns against the conflation of collaborative print management and improved access to collections with preservation. While “we may have developed a strong network for managing down print, Schonfeld argues, “whether that will yield long-term preservation goals is quite…