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Blog Post
September 7, 2022

Comments on the Department of Education’s Proposed Regulations for Pell Grant Restoration for Incarcerated People

Effective July 1, 2023, incarcerated people will once again be eligible to receive Pell grants to support their education, ending a 29 year ban. Below we publish Ithaka S+R’s letter to the Department of Education, outlining our concerns and providing recommendations that would help ensure that people who are incarcerated in the United States are provided the opportunity to participate in and benefit from a quality education.
Blog Post
June 26, 2015

Without Ratings, How Can ED Help the Public Make Smart Use of its Data?

After nearly two years of debate, the Department of Education has backed away from its plan to produce public ratings of colleges and universities, deciding instead to produce a data dashboard with no ratings. Users of the dashboard will be able to organize the data into custom reports of their own design, and there may be some contextualizing information, such as a comparison to the national average on certain measures. But the Department will include no judgment as to…