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Research Report
October 6, 2011

eBird 2011

Driving Impact through Crowdsourcing, Case Study Update 2011

In 2009 when Ithaka S+R first studied the sustainability model for eBird, a database of bird sightings, we highlighted its strong focus on the needs of its end users and the extent to which the Information Science Department, where it is housed, encouraged eBird’s project leaders to pursue entrepreneurial activities. The project leader and his three co-managers, who were selected because of their familiarity with the needs of both academic ornithology researchers and casual birding enthusiasts, have developed a range…
Research Report
July 14, 2009

eBird 2009

A Two-sided Market for Academic Researchers and Enthusiasts

The Information Science Department at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology is home to eBird, a site where birdwatchers of all levels–from weekenders to academic researchers–can record their avian sightings and upload them for future use by scientists. The site serves a two-sided market: on one side, the birders who record and share their observations, and on the other side, the scientists who use that data for research. This project is notable for the level of interest it generates from users;…