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tag: Future of higher ed

Blog Post
March 30, 2016

Yes, Higher Education Has Changed More Than We Think

At the recent annual meeting of the American Council on Education, I was asked to moderate a panel on the future of higher education. In preparing for the session, I read a myriad of reports and news articles about how slow higher education is to change at a time when the world around us is rapidly shifting. The truth is that if you step back from the headlines, it becomes obvious that much more has changed in the last…
Past Event
March 22, 2016

Future Trends Forum with Special Guest Deanna Marcum

Deanna Marcum will be the special guest at Bryan Alexander’s Future Trends Forum on Tuesday, March 22 at 11 am. Bryan Alexander, founder of the online blog Future Trends in Technology and Education has begun this weekly forum to enliven the discussion around the pressing issues at the cross roads of education and technology through weekly online video chat conversations where practitioners in the field can contribute and share their most recent experiences. For more details, and to join…