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tag: Health sciences

Past Event
October 27, 2016

Understanding Work Practices to Improve Information Services in Health Sciences Libraries

Nancy Fried Foster at the UNYOC/MLA Annual Conference

Nancy Fried Foster is delivering a keynote address on “Understanding Work Practices to Improve Information Services in Health Sciences Libraries” at the Upstate New York and Ontario Chapter of the Medical Library Association Annual Meeting in Watkins Glen, New York, on Thursday, October 27. From the conference website: Libraries enjoyed a long period of stability, when a new library could look and work just like an older library, but over the past few decades this has ceased to be the case. As…
Blog Post
October 22, 2015

New Issue Brief by Neil Rambo Explores Research Data Management

Neil Rambo, director of the Health Sciences Library at NYU Langone Medical Center, graciously agreed to describe the development of data management services at his library for our issue brief series. “Research Data Management: Roles for Libraries” is his account of how NYU’s Health Sciences Library established this relatively new service and the challenges the library still faces.   The library began with one central question: “how can libraries and librarians contribute to the advancement of the…
Issue Brief
October 22, 2015

Research Data Management: Roles for Libraries

Background: the emerging role of data management in research libraries I first became aware of research data management as a frontier area of expertise for libraries and librarians almost 10 years ago. Tony Hey was one of the first to popularize the term ‘e-science’ and the idea that librarians had a role to play in managing research data.[1] This call might have stirred little interest at another time. But at least two things were happening around then that…