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Research Report
October 6, 2011

Hindawi Publishing Corporation 2011

Growing an Open-Access Contributor-Pays Business Model

The original case study in 2009 explored Hindawi’s transition from a subscription-based journal operation to an all open access publisher, with the bulk of revenues derived from fees from authors rather than subscription charges. Because the company’s growth depends on the number of articles published each year, the company changed its focus from marketing to end users to developing new products, entering into partnerships with societies and other publishers, and creating a publishing experience for authors and editors that would…
Research Report
July 14, 2009

Hindawi Publishing Corporation 2009

The Open-Access Contributor-Pays Model

Hindawi Publishing Corporation, a Cairo-based for-profit publisher of science, technology and medical journals, was founded as a subscription-based publisher in 1997. By 2003 Hindawi had begun exploring Open Access models; by 2007 it had become an entirely Open Access publisher, and it now publishes 160 Open Access STM journals. Hindawi’s financial model is based on charging contributors a fee per article published, a model also currently used by BioMed Central and PLoS, among others. Since 2007, Hindawi has continued to…