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Past Event
July 6, 2020

Catharine Bond Hill at Transforming Teaching and Learning

An Inside Higher Ed Event

Catharine Bond Hill is speaking at Inside Higher Ed’s Transforming Teaching and Learning event in Minneapolis from July 6-8. To learn more and to register, please see the conference website. About the event Higher education is easily–and unfairly–caricatured as having changed little for 200 years. Experimentation is abundant in college and university classrooms, physical and otherwise. But as pressure builds to ensure that more people develop the education and skills that employers (and society) need, colleges and their…
Blog Post
May 8, 2018

Check out Catharine Bond Hill’s Opinion Piece in Inside Higher Ed

Can Higher Ed Change America’s Negative View?

In today’s Inside Higher Ed, Ithaka S+R’s managing director Catharine Bond Hill asks “Can Higher Ed Change America’s Negative View?” In the piece she explores why higher education institutions have lost the public’s trust and sketches out how colleges and universities can regain it.    …