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Blog Post
March 20, 2024

The Library of Congress Research Experience Survey Is Open

Ithaka S+R is honored to be partnering with the Library of Congress on a research study to better understand the experiences of people who use the library's collections and resources to conduct research. This mixed methods project includes an online survey followed by interviews of selected researchers. The findings from this study will be used to help inform the Library of Congress’ strategy for supporting the researchers that utilize the library’s collections and resources.
Blog Post
November 2, 2023

Enhancing and Expanding Research Services at the Library of Congress

Assessing User Engagement

For nearly 20 years, Ithaka S+R has partnered with libraries to navigate change, measure impact, and better serve their users—with projects including coordinating data support services for researchers and exploring how research libraries can advance their institutions’ strategic priorities Today, we’re pleased to announce a new project with the Library of Congress that aims to assess how researchers are engaging with the library’s services and collections at the Capitol Hill campus, as well as to expand its…
Issue Brief
August 21, 2023

Redressing Relationships with the Historically Marginalized/ Redresser les relations avec les personnes historiquement marginalisées

This publication provides four focused examples about specific institutions that have worked to address the imperative to redress their relationships with historically marginalized communities/ Cette publication fournit quatre exemples ciblés d’établissements qui ont spécifiquement travaillé pour répondre à l’impératif de redresser leurs relations avec les communautés historiquement marginalisées.
Issue Brief
April 26, 2016

Due Diligence and Stewardship in a Time of Change and Uncertainty

This Issue Brief has been adapted from Deanna Marcum’s keynote address at the CRL Collections Forum held in Chicago on April 14, 2016.[1] For as long as humankind has been recording thoughts and ideas, we have been concerned about the technologies and processes that will ensure preservation of those records. Consider Cassiodorus, a high official in the Ostrogothic Kingdom in Italy in the Sixth Century, AD, who wrote about the invention of papyrus with all of the enthusiasm…