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Blog Post
November 13, 2018

Community College Student Success Project in the Journal of Academic Librarianship

Preprint Available

Last week, the Journal of Academic Librarianship published an article that I co-authored with Braddlee from Northern Virginia Community College on the Community College Libraries and Academic Support for Student Success (CCLASSS) project. The CCLASSS project is focused on understanding (1) how “student success” can be defined so that it is inclusive both of students’ own needs as well as important policy priorities, and (2) what services colleges and their academic libraries…
Blog Post
October 18, 2018

Universities Are Changing and So Are Their Libraries

New Report from OCLC Research and Ithaka S+R

OCLC Research and Ithaka S+R, both known for exploring the implications for libraries of changes taking place in higher education, joined forces to work on a research project, generously funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, that examines variations in institutional missions and how those missions affect the services offered to library users. The resulting report, University Futures, Library Futures: Aligning Library Strategies with Institutional Directions, has just been published. Our hope is that both academic administrators and librarians…
Blog Post
September 4, 2018

“The Degree Is Cool, But I’m More About the Knowledge”

How Community College Students Define Student Success

“Student success” has moved to the forefront of the higher education agenda. Success at community colleges — and four-year colleges — has often been defined by the achievement of institutional outcomes, predominantly comprised of various measures of student persistence, achievement, and attainment, including rates of transfer, enrollment in postsecondary education, GPA, retention, time to graduation, graduation, and post-graduation job attainment and compensation. However, these traditional measures of student success have often been derived from higher education institutions, state…
Blog Post
August 30, 2018

Community College Academic Support Ecosystems

Ithaka S+R Launches New Research Project

Thirty-nine percent of all US undergraduate students attend community colleges, with roughly nine million enrolled in public two-year colleges annually. These institutions serve a wide range of students, including underrepresented minorities, veterans, low-income, adult, and first-generation students, as well as underprepared and non-traditional learners. But with only 37.5 percent earning a degree from either a two- or four-year institution within six years of starting…
Research Report
August 13, 2018

Amplifying Student Voices

The Community College Libraries and Academic Support for Student Success Project

The Community College Libraries & Academic Support for Student Success (CCLASSS) project examines student goals, challenges, and needs from the student perspective. Through this project, we aim to provide community colleges and their libraries with strategic intelligence on how to adapt their services to most effectively meet student needs. In spring 2018, we conducted semi-structured interviews with students at seven partner community colleges on student objectives and goals, definitions of success, challenges faced, and coursework practices. Key findings Across…
Blog Post
August 12, 2018

New Report: Supporting Student Success at Community Colleges

What goals are community college students trying to achieve through their education? What challenges are they facing? What services might help them succeed? These questions are at the center of a multi-year research project that Ithaka S+R and Northern Virginia Community College, along with six other community college partners and with support from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), are currently undertaking. Today, we’re issuing our first report from the project,…
Blog Post
May 2, 2018

Amplifying the Student Voice

The Community College Libraries & Academic Support for Student Success Project

Borough of Manhattan Community College I have had the opportunity this spring to speak with students about their educational objectives, their academic and information usage practices, and the barriers they face as a part of the first phase of the Community College Libraries & Academic Support for Student Success (CCLASSS) project. Through this project, we and seven other partner colleges, aim to explore (1) how student success can be defined in a way that is inclusive of both…
Past Event
May 31, 2018

Engaging Staff in Evidence-Based Approaches to User-Centric Library Services

Danielle Cooper at the CONUL Annual Conference

On Thursday, May 31, Danielle Cooper and Siobhan Dunne, Trinity College Dublin, will speak on “Engaging Staff in Evidence-Based Approaches to User-Centric Library Services” at the CONUL Annual Conference in Galway, Ireland. The talk is part of a session on measuring the impact & effectiveness of library services and will run from 12:15 to 1:25 pm. For more information and to register, please see the conference website.    …
Blog Post
March 16, 2018

The Services Portfolio of an Academic Library: A Framework

Academic libraries have been rethinking their strategic directions and services portfolios. I have argued recently that academic libraries face certain essential transformations, as they move beyond print general collections towards a variety of other roles. In a current project, Ithaka S+R and OCLC Research have been developing a typology of higher education institutions to explore the different ways that libraries are evolving at a service level. An essential…
Past Event
March 11, 2018

Meeting the Needs of Humanities Librarians Roundtable

Danielle Cooper Speaks on Conveying Value to Faculty, Students, and Researchers

On Sunday, March 11, Danielle Cooper will take part in the “Meeting the Needs of Humanities Librarians Roundtable” in Washington, DC. The roundtable is part of the National Humanities Alliance (NHA) Annual Meeting and Humanities Advocacy Day. Danielle, Katherine Dohe, Digital Programs & Initiatives Manager at the Universities Libraries of the University of Maryland, and Melissa Jones, English & Humanities Librarian at Georgetown University, are speaking on “Conveying Value to Faculty, Students, and Researchers.” The panel, sponsored by NFAIS, takes place…
Blog Post
October 11, 2017

Leveraging Qualitative Research in the User-Centered Library

Boldly proclaiming that “the Library’s starting point will be from the perspective of users and audiences,” Trinity College Dublin Library’s strategic plan focuses on fostering user-centered approaches to service.  The plan recognizes that an evidence-based approach to understanding patrons’ needs through research is essential to effective service innovation. The library is also committed to promoting a user-centered library culture throughout the library. In support of these strategic goals, I recently delivered a workshop on qualitative research methods for those…
Blog Post
September 7, 2017

Community College Library Support for Student Success

Ithaka S+R and Northern Virginia Community College Launch New Research Project

Ithaka S+R regularly and extensively studies the perspectives, practices, and needs of faculty and students at four year colleges and universities to inform future roles for the academic library. Today, we are excited to announce that we will be expanding this work over the next 18 months to partner with seven community colleges in assessing and improving library support of student success within a community college context. We are grateful to the Institute of Museum and Library Services…
Blog Post
January 19, 2017

LYRASIS and its Inclusive Leadership Model

Before being named CEO of LYRASIS, Robert Miller was the General Manager of Digital Libraries at the Internet Archive, where he oversaw the scanning of millions of books in both the United States and in a host of other countries. It is my opinion that librarianship was a contagious disease that infected him. He simply fell in love with the mission of libraries, so it was no surprise when I learned that Robert had been tapped to lead LYRASIS…
Blog Post
July 14, 2016

Libraries’ Role in Global Education

Nearly any conversation about higher education includes the need for global engagement. Some universities have addressed this by building international campuses; others have recruited heavily to bring international students to their American campuses. All have focused on adding global perspectives to the curriculum. How are university libraries assisting in these globalization efforts? Anne Kenney and Xin Li of Cornell University Libraries in their issue brief “Rethinking Research Libraries in the Era of Global Universities” look at the kinds of services…
Issue Brief
July 14, 2016

Rethinking Research Libraries in the Era of Global Universities

As our world becomes increasingly interconnected politically, economically, culturally, and socially, higher education has followed suit. The 2011 survey by the American Council of Education’s Center for Internationalization and Global Engagement found a perceived acceleration of internationalization across campuses, from doctoral to associate degree institutions.[1] The definition of what that means for each institution varies. Graham Elkin, Faiyaz Devjee, and John Farnsworth developed a 13-scale model to assist universities in evaluating where they are presently and where they…
Blog Post
October 22, 2015

New Issue Brief by Neil Rambo Explores Research Data Management

Neil Rambo, director of the Health Sciences Library at NYU Langone Medical Center, graciously agreed to describe the development of data management services at his library for our issue brief series. “Research Data Management: Roles for Libraries” is his account of how NYU’s Health Sciences Library established this relatively new service and the challenges the library still faces.   The library began with one central question: “how can libraries and librarians contribute to the advancement of the…
Blog Post
October 1, 2015

Reflecting on Reference and Other Library User Support Services

Academic libraries have provided user support services through a variety of modalities. The circulation desk would work on access issues for the print general collection, the interlibrary loan office would obtain needed materials outside the collection, reference librarians would help with research questions, liaisons would provide more proactive services on an academic department basis, and a variety of librarians would provide various types of instruction. Academic libraries have typically taken a variety of steps to rethink each of these service…
Past Event
April 27, 2011

Ithaka S+R Library Survey 2010: Perspectives for Non-U.S. Academic Libraries

This webinar will focus on changing trends in collections management and development. Click here to register.
Past Event
April 20, 2011

Ithaka S+R Library Survey 2010: Academic Library Collections

This webinar will focus on changing trends in collections management and development. Click here to register.
Blog Post
March 2, 2015

A User-Centric Approach to Privacy for the Academic Library

The shift of library services to online interfaces has led to an explosion in the potential for data gathering, and also to a growing conversation about how the data should and could be used. This past year has witnessed a strong dialogue about libraries’ responsibility for maintaining the privacy and security of the data. Leading experts have pointed out the astonishing number of ways that privacy and security are unintentionally compromised in libraries’ everyday service environment. Protecting the privacy…