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tag: Library strategy

Past Event
September 23, 2011

Forward Thinking: Aligning Library Services with Faculty Needs

Roger C. Schonfeld, Director of Research, Ithaka S+R, will present the Johannah Sherrer Memorial Lecture on Friday, September 23, 2011. Over the past decade, many groups of faculty members have seen their demands for and use of academic library services change significantly. The availability of digital collections has had a transformative effect on use, while evolving faculty research methods and pedagogies are introducing new demands. But is there a clear vision for the future needs of faculty members or future…
Past Event
May 17, 2011

The Future of the Academic Library: A Symposium

Kate Wittenberg, Ithaka S+R, to present at “The Future of the Academic Library: A Symposium,” co-hosted by McMaster University and Library Journal Universities today are facing unprecedented pressures fueled in part by technological advances, transformations in scholarly communications, evolving student expectations, increased calls for accountability, and greater competition. Simultaneously, we are experiencing uncertainty in financial support owing to declines in public and private funding partnered with ever-increasing costs. The global financial crisis of 2008 has further compounded our challenges and…
Past Event
April 13, 2011

Ithaka S+R Library Survey 2010: Academic Library Services and Strategy

This webinar will discuss the portfolio of services that academic libraries use to meet their diverse user communities. Click here to register.