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Past Event
May 20, 2019

National Survey: Local Findings

Join Us for a Webinar on May 20

Last month, we published the US Faculty Survey 2018, a national survey that tracks the research, teaching, and publishing practices of higher education faculty members at four-year colleges and universities. Thirteen libraries fielded a local version of the Ithaka S+R faculty survey concurrently with the national survey, and we are pleased to be hosting a webinar featuring librarians from two of these institutions. National Survey, Local Findings: Two Librarians Share the Impact of the Ithaka S+R…
Blog Post
January 3, 2019

Meet the Surveys Team

The Ithaka S+R surveys team has continued to grow to support our exciting and expanding portfolio of projects, including the US Faculty Survey, US Library Director Survey, Local Surveys program, Community College Libraries & Academic Support for Student Success (CCLASSS) project, and the Community College Academic and Student Services Ecosystem (CCASSE) project. Through these and…
Blog Post
April 11, 2016

Using Lessons Learned from University Partnerships to Enhance the US Faculty Survey 2015

Since 2000, Ithaka S+R has run the US Faculty Survey, which tracks the evolution of faculty members’ research and teaching practices against the backdrop of increasing digital resources and other systemic changes in higher education on a triennial basis. Last week we published results from the 2015 cycle on topics including discovery and access, research and publishing practices, instruction, and the role of the library. Starting in 2012, Ithaka S+R has offered colleges and universities the opportunity to field…
Past Event
May 14, 2015

Roger Schonfeld and Alisa Rod Speak at the CARL Meeting in Toronto

At the Spring Meeting of the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL), Roger Schonfeld and Alisa Rod will discuss findings from the Ithaka S+R Local Faculty Survey. Several CARL members recently fielded the survey on their campuses, and Schonfeld and Rod will present the results. They will be joined by Cort Egan who will describe the experience of administering the survey at the University of Guelph. When: Thursday, May 14, 9:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m. Where: Toronto, Ontario Meeting Website…
Past Event
July 21, 2015

Ithaka S+R at the Northumbria Conference in Edinburgh

Nancy Fried Foster will deliver one of the keynote addresses at the Northumbria Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland on Tuesday, July 21. Additionally Alisa Rod is speaking at two sessions about the Ithaka S+R US Faculty Survey and the UK Survey of Academics 2015, as well as on the Ithaka S+R Local Surveys. Alisa is also offering a half-day workshop on Thursday, July 23. Please see the workshop description for more information: Designing User-Centered Survey Questions for Strategic Assessment: A…