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tag: Participatory design

Blog Post
July 13, 2016

The Protolib Project at the University of Cambridge, Part 2

In my last blog post I wrote about the final report on the Protolib Project, which the Cambridge University Library released in April.[1] The Protolib Project, part of the Futurelib initiative at the University of Cambridge, was led by Sue Mehrer, Deputy Librarian, and included extensive participation by librarians and library staff as well as Modern Human, a design consultancy in Cambridge, England. David Marshall, Jenny Willatt, Paul-Jervis Heath, Chloe Heath, and Pete Hotchkin took the…
Blog Post
July 5, 2016

The Protolib Project at the University of Cambridge, Part 1

Cambridge University Library has released a wonderful report about the Protolib Project, an effort, its title states, at “researching and reimagining library environments at the University of Cambridge.”[1] Protolib is one of several projects by an initiative called Futurelib,[2] which has also released a report on Spacefinder, an app that enables students to find just the right place to work in Cambridge’s rich and sometimes confusing array of libraries and other formal and…
Blog Post
January 26, 2016

Redesigning Organizations and Spaces

In the summer of 2014, Yale University integrated eight separate units into a unified Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) that advises teachers, tutors students, leverages technology for teaching and learning, and fosters global teaching and learning partnerships. First an idea, then a plan on paper, and finally a new unit by administrative action, the new CTL became more of a reality when five of the eight constituent units moved into a temporary shared space in the summer of…
Past Event
June 24, 2014

Nancy Fried Foster Gives Keynote Address at CTW Consortium Meeting

Nancy Fried Foster is delivering the keynote address at the Connecticut College, Trinity College and Wesleyan University (CTW) Consortium Meeting on “Participatory Design and Informed Planning in Higher Education.” For the past decade, academic librarians have been using ethnographic methods to learn more about the people who use library resources, technologies, spaces and services. Nancy Fried Foster, senior anthropologist at Ithaka S+R and former director of anthropological research for the University of Rochester libraries, will discuss concepts and methods of…
Past Event
August 14, 2014

Nancy Fried Foster Gives Keynote Address at IFLA Information Literacy Meeting

Nancy Fried Foster will give the opening keynote address at the Information Literacy Satellite Meeting that is being held in conjunction with the IFLA World Library and Information Congress.  The meeting is being held in Limerick, Ireland. The theme of the meeting is “Facing the Future: Librarians and Information Literacy in a Changing Landscape.” Title: “Studying Students to Advance Information Literacy” Abstract:  Everyone agrees that old literacy models are no longer sufficient and need to change But in academic libraries, one…
Past Event
December 8, 2014

Evidence-Driven Decisions on Library Space in the Digital Age: A Pre-CNI Workshop

This workshop is now closed to further registants. We are offering this workshop again on December 10 at our offices in New York City. Join Ithaka S+R on Monday, December 8, for a pre-CNI workshop with Nancy Fried Foster and Roger Schonfeld. Registration is now open at Physical space, often at the heart of a campus, is one of the greatest assets of many academic and research libraries. In this age of expanding online and on-screen information use,…
Past Event
April 19, 2015

Nancy Fried Foster Speaks on Designing Student-Centered Space at AACC Annual Meeting

On April 19, Nancy Fried Foster, along with DeRionne Pollard, Tanner Wray, and Cynthia Pfanstiehl, will discuss “New Approaches to Designing Student-Centered Spaces with Participatory Assessment” during a forum session at the Annual Convention of American Association of Community Colleges in San Antonio, Texas. Montgomery College conducted ethnographic studies that assessed what students need in terms of library spaces and services to help them succeed academically. In this interactive session, a college president, library director, and two anthropologists will describe the…
Blog Post
June 24, 2014

Participatory Design and the New Data Visualization Lab at the University of Rochester

The University of Rochester is set to open a new data visualization lab with a direct link to the University’s supercomputers. Ithaka S+R provided support in the design phase by collecting information through interviews and workshops and identifying key requirements for the space itself and for the technology to be installed in the space. The Visualization-Innovation-Science-Technology-Application (VISTA) Collaboratory lab will be used in many ways including research in the sciences, engineering and optics as well as the humanities and social…
Issue Brief
February 14, 2014

Designing a New Academic Library from Scratch

In this issue brief, Ithaka S+R senior anthropologist Nancy Fried Foster asks what it would be like to design academic libraries based not on precedent, but rather on everything we can learn right now about the work practices of the people who already use them.  Foster demonstrates how through participatory design we can build  a new type of library that considers both the practical needs of the community and the higher ideals of cultural institutions.