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tag: Research fraud

Past Event
February 18, 2022

Roger Schonfeld at UC Berkeley’s School of Information

On February 18, Roger Schonfeld will lead a seminar on Research Integrity, Misconduct, and Misinformation at the University of California Berkeley’s School of Information. About this seminar: The integrity of scientific research is increasingly in question, as sources of research misconduct and publishing fraud increase. Additionally, it seems that in part as a consequence of increasing open access, the scholarly record has become a more significant vector for misinformation. In this context, the neutrality of information organizations seems to…
Blog Post
August 15, 2019

US Faculty Survey 2018 Reveals Uncertainty about Fraudulent Research Practices

A report published earlier this year from The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine disclosed findings from their recent assessment of reproducibility and replicability across different fields of research. Congress requested this collaborative study because of prolific media exposure on data misconduct and the inability of scientists to replicate important research. Additionally, there has been extensive media coverage of researchers who fabricate…