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Past Event
November 4, 2022

Aligning the Research Library with the University’s Organizational Strategy

2022 Charleston Conference Panel

On Friday, November 4 at 12:15 – 1:00 pm, Ithaka S+R Vice President of Organizational Strategy and Libraries, Scholarly Communication, and Museums Roger Schonfeld will chair a Charleston Conference session discussing an Ithaka S+R research report co-published with ARL and CARL, on aligning the research library with the university’s organizational strategy. The panel will feature perspectives from leaders at academic libraries about their institutional strategy and more, with K. Matthew Dames, Anne Houston, and Jennifer Fabbi. Learn more about the…
Blog Post
April 14, 2022

The Importance of Alignment for the Research Library

Academic libraries exist to serve the needs, over the long-run, of their parent institutions. To be successful, then, it is imperative that each research library regularly works to ensure its ongoing alignment with its parent university. Institutional alignment is, however, a complicated endeavor.  In a project Ithaka S+R co-published with ARL and CARL, my colleagues Danielle Cooper, Catharine Bond Hill and I examined the strategic directions of research universities in North America to determine how…
Research Report
April 12, 2022

Aligning the Research Library to Organizational Strategy

Ithaka S+R was commissioned by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) and the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) to examine the strategic directions of research universities with the objective of identifying common themes that research libraries can consider in aligning to advance the research and learning mission both individually and collectively. This project draws on interviews and other forms of engagement conducted in 2021 with more than 60 university leaders across research libraries in the US and Canada.
Blog Post
May 26, 2020

Measuring What Matters

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility in Academic Library Strategic Plans 

Equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility have become buzzwords across the higher education sector with leaders at many institutions asserting these as strategic priorities and key values. In our most recent national survey of US academic library directors, conducted in fall 2019, we included new coverage of these important topics. And, now, as we face an academic year that will likely be shaped by budget cuts and re-prioritization, we wonder about the degree to…
Blog Post
October 31, 2019

Three Questions for Mark McBride

SUNY central system administration and its 64 campus libraries have been working with Ithaka S+R to develop strategies for collaboration and partnership in the context of substantial strategic and technological change. For our most recent newsletter, we spoke with Mark McBride, senior strategist in SUNY’s Office of Library and Information Services, about how this is unfolding across the system and why he thinks it is so important. What did you learn from Ithaka S+R’s analysis of publishing across SUNY’s…
Blog Post
November 7, 2016

Shaping a Library by Linking Planning and Budgeting

The Charleston Conference last week featured a plenary address from Jim Neal, Columbia University’s former library director and the ALA president-elect. Jim spoke about his views on the changing nature of libraries and offered a series of “commandments” about how libraries can and should evolve going forward. Among many other observations based on his years of experience in academic research libraries, Jim emphasized his views that strategic planning processes fail us too often, that we need fewer ideas and stronger…
Blog Post
September 14, 2015

The Ithaka S+R Local Faculty Survey at Virginia Commonwealth University

Focusing on Strategic Investment

During a time of rapid, evolutionary change at Virginia Commonwealth University, John Ulmschneider, University Librarian, turned to the Ithaka S+R Local Faculty Study in spring 2014 to inform decision-making and strategic planning for the VCU Libraries. VCU had recently developed a new university-wide strategic plan and the Libraries were focused on working within this framework to understand and support faculty and their research. As Ulmschneider explained, “We needed good data to help us understand our current faculty even as we expect their…
Blog Post
August 14, 2014

Notes from the Library Assessment Conference in Seattle

The Library Assessment Conference took place last week in Seattle, a valuable forum for those gathering and using evidence in support of library management and planning. I attended, with my colleague Alisa Rod, Ithaka S+R’s surveys coordinator. The program included a diverse set of presentations on topics from information literacy to space planning. Ithaka S+R’s local surveys were also featured in a number of sessions on the program. Developing the Ithaka S+R Student Survey Alisa and Heather Gendron,…