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Blog Post
March 13, 2020

Getting Online: Lessons from Liberal Arts Colleges

Many of the colleges and universities that are transitioning away from face-to-face courses in response to the COVID-19 pandemic are residential institutions that have not historically provided widespread online instruction. Through multi-year evaluations of the Council of Independent Colleges’ (CIC) Consortium for Online Humanities Instruction and the Teagle Foundation’s Hybrid Learning and the Residential Liberal Arts Experience program, Ithaka S+R has worked with similar…
Blog Post
October 22, 2019

Driving Liberal Arts Transfer Pathways

It’s Time for Independent Colleges to Target Community College Students 

Every fall, an estimated 1.1 million American students begin their postsecondary education at community colleges. While most (80 percent) intend to earn their bachelor’s degree, less than a third transfer to a four-year institution and only 13 percent actually earn their bachelor’s degree in six years. Transfer practices between two- and four-year institutions are not adequately serving students. What’s more, scalable policies designed…
Blog Post
January 29, 2018

Facing Declining Enrollment, Liberal Arts Colleges Turn to New Modes of Instruction

Lessons from a Teagle Grant Program

Over each of the past five years, the total number of undergraduate students in the United States has declined. There are multiple potential reasons for this trend: rising tuition, questions about the value of a postsecondary education, and shifting demographics have all likely contributed. While the impact of this trend has been felt across higher education institutions, private liberal arts colleges have been hit particularly hard, as have liberal arts programs offered at public institutions, marked by a…
Past Event
April 7, 2016

Deanna Marcum & Richard Spies at the Teagle Foundation’s Hybrid Learning Convening

Deanna Marcum and Richard Spies will present on “Online Teaching and Learning Initiatives: Lessons Learned” at the Teagle Foundation’s Hybrid Learning & the Residential Liberal Arts Experience Convening on Thursday, April 7, in New York City. Marcum and Spies will share insights from their work with the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) Consortium for Online Humanities Instruction. For more information about the CIC’s Consortium, please see Ithaka S+R’s publications: and More information about the Teagle Foundation is available at …