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Research Report
October 6, 2011

The National Archives (TNA) 2011

Enhancing the Value of Content through Selection and Curation

In 2008 we examined the activities of the Licensed Internet Associates program (LIA), a business operation within The National Archives (TNA) that licenses TNA’s holdings to commercial entities. Beyond providing direct revenue to TNA in the form of royalty income, the LIA program has played a major role in the rapid digitization of TNA’s documents at an extremely low cost, outsourcing the function to its licensing partners. In the face of a projected 25 percent cut in government funding over…
Research Report
July 14, 2009

The National Archives (TNA) 2009

Digitisation with Commercial Partnerships via the Licensed Internet Associates Program

The challenges of digitizing, preserving and providing access to over 1,000 years’ worth of material held by The National Archives (TNA) are considerable. In recent years, TNA has developed a strategy to digitize content quickly though its Licensed Internet Associates program. These commercial partnerships, closely managed by TNA staff, have allowed the institution to digitize millions of pages of material at minimal direct cost. This case study explores the model developed by TNA in light of the opportunities that commercial…