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Blog Post
May 21, 2019

Who is Supporting Student Success? A Faculty Perspective

In the course of their higher education career, students come into contact with faculty members, librarians, advisors, other students, and many others at their college or university who aim to help them achieve their academic and personal goals. Definitions of “student success” can vary widely and be attributed to a variety of institutional and non-institutional contributors and factors. Who most significantly contributes to this success from a faculty perspective? Where does the library…
Blog Post
January 3, 2019

Meet the Surveys Team

The Ithaka S+R surveys team has continued to grow to support our exciting and expanding portfolio of projects, including the US Faculty Survey, US Library Director Survey, Local Surveys program, Community College Libraries & Academic Support for Student Success (CCLASSS) project, and the Community College Academic and Student Services Ecosystem (CCASSE) project. Through these and…
Blog Post
April 24, 2018

Now Available: Dataset for Library Survey 2016 at ICPSR

Last year we published findings from the Library Survey 2016. We have been running this survey on a triennial basis since 2010 to examine the attitudes and behaviors of library deans and directors at not-for profit four-year academic institutions across the United States. The Library Survey report aims to provide academic librarians and higher education leaders with information about the important issues and trends that are shaping the purpose, role, and viability of…
Blog Post
August 8, 2017

University Libraries Are Putting the Student First

Perspective from US Library Leaders

Last week’s article in The Guardian from Alterline’s Ben Hickman, entitled “University libraries need to start putting the student first,” proposed that university libraries need to put evidence on student needs and practices at the heart of their decision-making. The author included a number of suggested areas for improvement – for example, the provision of ample space, friendly engagement with librarians and library staff, and accessible resources. As UK higher education transitions towards taking a more student-centric approach as…
Past Event
July 12, 2017

Strategies Driving the Evolution of Academic Libraries

ASERL Webinar Features Christine Wolff-Eisenberg

Christine Wolff-Eisenberg  will present on “Strategies Driving the Evolution of Academic Libraries: Findings from Ithaka’s US Library Survey 2016,” at an Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL) webinar on July 12 at 2:00 pm (EDT). To register for this free webinar, please visit ASERL’s website. About the webinar: What kinds of strategies are library leaders across the United States pursuing in support of research, teaching, and learning? What investments are they making strategically for the future of their organizations?…
Blog Post
May 3, 2017

Library Directors and Discovery: A Changing Perspective?

As research and teaching practices evolve in the context of substantial environmental change within higher education, the ways in which scholars discover resources for these practices have shifted. In addition to providing traditional print resources, libraries have more recently supported these changes with a variety of digital tools including the library website, catalog, and discovery services, and meanwhile, outside of the library, mainstream search engines and targeted academic discovery products offer their own systems to enable discovery. Faculty members in…
Past Event
May 18, 2017

Future Trends Forum with Special Guest Christine Wolff-Eisenberg

Christine Wolff-Eisenberg will join Bryan Alexander for his Future Trends Forum on Thursday, May 18, from 2:00 – 3:00 pm. Christine will discuss findings from the Ithaka S+R US Library Survey 2016 and other related projects. Future Trends Forum, hosted by Bryan Alexander, addresses the most powerful forces of change in academia. The goal of the forum is to advance the discussion around the pressing issues at the crossroads of education and technology. Future Trends Forum features weekly online video…
Blog Post
April 20, 2017

Why Are Libraries Changing Their Look?

Strategies Driving the Evolution of Academic Libraries

Yesterday, Teresa Watanabe at the Los Angeles Times reported on universities across the country redesigning libraries for the 21st century by focusing less on books and more on space. Findings from the Ithaka S+R Library Survey 2016, which queried library deans and directors across the United States on their strategy and priorities, demonstrate the ways that these libraries are evolving, and confirm much of the anecdotal evidence provided by the LA Times.[1] Throughout our national survey…
Blog Post
April 19, 2017

Why Libraries Collaborate

Findings from the US Library Survey 2016

While academic libraries in the United States have actively collaborated with each other for more than 100 years, the digital turn has brought an explosion of interest in and pursuit of cross-institutional collaboration. These include large-scale digital access and preservation initiatives like HathiTrust, print preservation and access collaborations like Scholar’s Trust and WEST, metropolitan-level efforts ranging broadly from the Chicago Collections Alliance to MARLI, unmediated borrowing such as ConnectNY, and, of burgeoning strategic importance, the collaborations enabled through cloud-based library…
Blog Post
April 10, 2017

Taking a Closer Look at Talent Management

Findings from the US Library Survey

Last week, Ithaka S+R published results from the US Library Survey 2016. This report examines the perspectives of library deans and directors on strategy and priorities broadly. This cycle, we expanded our coverage of issues related to talent management, building on recent Ithaka S+R projects on organizational structure and inclusion, diversity, and equity. Employees are often the greatest asset of an organization, and therefore, a mindset to recruit, develop, and retain an outstanding pool of employees…
Past Event
April 3, 2017

Presentation on the US Library Survey 2016 Findings

Roger Schonfeld at CNI

Roger Schonfeld will present on the key findings of the US Library Survey 2016 at the CNI Spring 2017 Membership Meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on April 3 at 2:45 pm. How are library leaders making investments in the future of their organizations? What kinds of strategies are they pursuing in support of research, teaching, and learning? And what constraints do they recognize as limiting their ability to pursue these strategies? In fall 2016, Ithaka S+R surveyed academic library deans and…
Blog Post
April 3, 2017

Shaping the Academic Library

Today, Ithaka S+R is releasing the US Library Survey 2016, which tracks the perspectives and practices of academic libraries whose institutions offer a bachelor’s degree or higher. We achieved strong participation by library deans and directors, with a response rate of 49%. The project examines the key strategic directions these leaders and their libraries are pursuing as well as some of the constraints against which they act. Our findings fall into a number of key categories: Library directors anticipate…
Research Report
April 3, 2017

US Library Survey 2016

The Ithaka S+R Library Survey 2016 examines strategy and leadership issues from the perspective of academic library deans and directors. This project aims to provide academic librarians and higher education leaders with information about chief librarians’ visions and the opportunities and challenges they face in leading their organizations. In fall 2016, we invited library deans and directors at not-for-profit four-year academic institutions across the United States to complete the survey, and we received 722 responses for a response rate of…
Past Event
May 11, 2017

The Voice of Library Directors

Roger Schonfeld and Christine Wolff Speak at AAP/PSP Event

What kinds of strategies are library leaders pursuing in support of research, teaching, and learning? What constraints do they recognize as limiting their ability to pursue these strategies? And what investments are they making strategically and operationally? In fall 2016, Ithaka S+R surveyed academic library directors and deans across the United States on these and related issues, achieving a 49% response rate. This talk by co-authors Roger Schonfeld and Christine Wolff will explore some of the key findings of interest…
Past Event
March 22, 2013

10th Columbia Library Symposium: “Ithaka S+R Reports”

“TRENDING: new opportunities in the evolving academy” The ITHAKA S+R Faculty Survey program has provided colleges and universities, libraries, scholarly societies, and academic publishers with insight into the evolving attitudes and practices of scholars in an increasingly digital environment for over a decade. The survey findings reveal how faculty members perceive the roles and value of their institutional library, touching on the roles the library plays in supporting many of the above activities. Website:…
Blog Post
October 1, 2014

Discovery and the Library’s Role

Last week, my new issue brief on discovery came out. Since its release, there has been some very interesting discussion on the topic. I’ve tried to bring together some of the commentary from Twitter and blogs here and to suggest some future directions these imply for our community. A point of departure for the paper is an analysis of library directors’ responses to the strongly worded statement “It is strategically important that my library be seen by its users…
Blog Post
June 26, 2014

NISO’s Open Discovery Initiative

Today, NISO is releasing the recommended practice for its Open Discovery Initiative. This important initiative is intended to bring greater order to the indexed discovery services that have achieved a market penetration of roughly three-quarters of US academic libraries, according to the most recent Ithaka S+R US Library Survey 2013 (pages 53-54). With such a high share of libraries positioning indexed discovery services as the primary discovery interface for their users, it is essential to address the concerns—both…
Blog Post
April 14, 2014

Discovery in the Library—Shifting Ground?

Helping users find content is one of the fundamental services that academic libraries have historically provided. As we have tracked in the Ithaka S+R survey of library deans and directors, it is also an area where there have been important and fast-moving changes. In the 2010 survey, library directors saw discovery as an area for increased investment, and many libraries subsequently put money into new-to-the-market index-based discovery services that promised to bring their collections together into a single search…
Blog Post
March 13, 2014

News Coverage of the Ithaka S+R US Library Survey 2013

The March 11 publication of the Ithaka S+R US Library Survey 2013 has garnered some immediate media coverage: Ian Chant, “Ithaka Study Shows Shifting Priorities Among Academic Librarians,” Library Journal. Jennifer Howard, “What Matters to Academic-Library Directors? Information Literacy,” The Chronicle of Higher Education. Carl Straumsheim, “Beyond eBooks,” Inside Higher Ed. Michael Todd, “State of the Stacks: Academic Libraries in a Digital Age,” Social Science Space.
Research Report
March 11, 2014

Ithaka S+R US Library Survey 2013

In the Ithaka S+R US Library Survey 2013 report we examine how the leaders of academic libraries are approaching systemic changes in their environment and the opportunities and constraints they face in leading their organizations. While exploring key topics covered in our 2010 survey of library directors, such as strategic planning, collecting practices, and library services, in 2013 we also introduced a new emphasis on organizational dynamics, leadership issues, and undergraduate services. The 2013 Ithaka S+R Library Survey was sent…