Since launching in 2018, ITHAKA has served over 30 fellows from across the nation and with a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds. Fellows at ITHAKA have the opportunity to work with one of ITHAKA’s services: Ithaka S+R, Reveal Digital, JSTOR Daily, or JSTOR Labs. Designed with the needs of early career researchers in mind, ITHAKA’s fellowship program offers an opportunity to focus on professional development through an immersive experience working with ITHAKA mentors and staff. In particular, our fellowships are aimed at individuals with advanced training in research.

Who might be interested in a fellowship with ITHAKA?

Early career researchers with a passion for ITHAKA’s mission to improve access to knowledge and education for people around the world should consider working with us. Whether someone is seeking an experience in research, publishing, journalism, or design thinking, ITHAKA offers a wide range of projects that draw on a fellow’s research skills to move the needle on some of the tough problems facing the field of higher education. Our program may be especially interesting to individuals with advanced research training who are ready to deepen their experience in the field of higher education or gain skills in publishing, journalism, or design beyond the scope of their postgraduate degree program.

What are the differences between fellowships and internships at ITHAKA?

ITHAKA offers both fellowships and internships through separate programs. Whereas internships offer students, most commonly at the undergraduate level, an opportunity to experience ITHAKA’s work culture and to learn about various future career paths with us, our fellowship program is targeted at those with postgraduate or equivalent experience who are ready to gain analyst-level experience in order to establish themselves as an industry professional. Whereas internships are primarily educational experiences for students, our fellows are early career professionals who work independently to produce deliverables that draw on their advanced skills and subject matter expertise. Both fellowships and internships provide important opportunities to gain real work experience to move forward on a career path.

What is it like to be a fellow at ITHAKA? 

Fellows at ITHAKA participate in a unique professional development experience while actively contributing to critical challenges in higher education and scholarly publishing. Fellows are deeply embedded in teams that include early, mid, and executive-level colleagues. Fellows leverage their existing subject matter expertise and advanced research skills to collaborate with team members to produce specific project outputs.

Fellows also have the chance to participate in a cohort focused on peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and networking, to deliver a professional job talk at the conclusion of their fellowship to ITHAKA team members, and to benefit from opportunities like resume review and informational interviews. The program runs 12-16 weeks in the spring and summer; all fellowships are paid; and we have options for full-time and part-time positions.

To learn more about fellowships at ITHAKA, check out my earlier blog post about the program and an interview with former fellows. Applications for summer fellowships can be found here.