With generous funding from the Jisc-led Strategic Content Alliance (SCA), Ithaka S+R has developed A Guide to the Best Revenue Models and Funding Sources for Your Digital Resources. The report will support project leaders who are actively maintaining digital resources—and who seek funding models that support continued investment in their projects for the benefit of their users, over time.

The world of digital creation has moved beyond major research institutions. It now includes museums, small historical societies, and local archives, and there are fewer barriers than ever before for those who wish to build new resources.

Yet no matter who creates these resources, or how they were initially funded, there are substantial costs involved in keeping them up and running for the long term while delivering value to users.

This guide presents 11 models for digital project leaders to consider when planning for their resources’ growth and preservation. Most models are compatible with open access, and examples are designed to help readers quickly determine which methods best suit their projects’ needs. We hope the guide is most valued as a framework—a starting point for leaders to use in developing new ideas, before gathering data and actively testing these ideas against their specific projects and audiences.

To learn more, please download the report from our website.