On December 7th at 1:30 pm (EST), Deanna Marcum and Roger C. Schonfeld will discuss their new book, “Along Came Google: A History of Library Digitization” at CNI’s Fall 2021 Membership Meeting. “Along Came Google” is  the first in-depth study of the move to digitize collections of books at scale, tracing this work through the Google Books program and the creation of HathiTrust. This series of efforts have been of central concern to CNI’s work and took on new importance during the pandemic. There are enormous lessons here about the strategies for organizing and operating cross-organizational collaborations, the roles of commercial collaborators, and much that we can learn in thinking about future large-scale digital community investments. Clifford Lynch will engage Deanna and Roger in a discussion of some of the themes and findings developed in their book.

Registration for this event is available here.