On Tuesday, December 13 at 7:00 – 8:30 pm, Ithaka S+R’s Kurtis Tanaka will participate in a San Francisco Public Library panel on “Inspiration, Knowledge and Curiosity While Incarcerated.” Panelists will share best practices and insights from their own endeavors and will highlight the role of information access in maintaining inspiration in carceral contexts.

Incarceration does not foreclose peoples’ ability to think, dream, create, envision, and learn individually and collectively. Join facilitators working to ensure access to the resources that support these activities—including librarians working with incarcerated people, authors and creators and education advocates—in a discussion of their current work.

Panelists include Erin Boyington, Caits Meissner, Nicole Shawan Junior, and Kurtis Tanaka. Register for the event here.